Sad-ass Menopause PJs

Here’s my latest glamour-filled sewing project:

Menopause PJs to the rescue!

This is what happens when desperation + 2 hours + very sheer fabric = project.

Let’s overlook the tunnelling and unevenness of the coverstitched hems, the stretched out neckline and the fact that one leg is slightly shorter than the other, and focus on WHY these PJs came to be.

Damn menopause night sweats are keeping me up. Every night. I was desperate for some lightweight PJs in cool cotton jersey. I bought 4 yards of this featherweight stuff online.

The sheerest cotton jersey ever

After a particularly bad episode last week, I got home from work, scarfed down dinner and got to work. Two hours later I had a set of PJs. The top is from New Look 6330. The pants are McCall’s 7297. The pants originally were enormous so I cut two sizes smaller and the fit is great.

I have never sewn so fast. It actually took longer to change my BabyLock Evolution from serge mode to coverstitch mode than it did to make the shorts. Let’s say I was motivated. I also didn’t sweat the details – enough sweating going on as it is.

They’re pretty successful so far – definitely better for adjusting temperature than my old PJs. I like a 3/4 sleeve because my shoulders and arms get cold above the covers, while the wide neckline affords easy venting when I sit up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat. The shorts keep my bottom just right. And the fabric is so light it wicks away moisture pretty well without getting soggy.

Back view  – don’t look too closely.

I have enough fabric to make another pair – sounds like another after-work project later this week.

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

4 thoughts on “Sad-ass Menopause PJs”

  1. I’m a lurker and hardly ever comment, but during meno, I accidentally found that when hot flashes hit, I could hold a plastic bottle of water on my neck and it really helped to regulate the flash. Much like a water bed without a built in heater could never heat up, a plastic bottle of water always stays cool.

    Especially at night when sleep hormones would kick in (and menopause is all about the hormones being out of whack) I’d have a bottle of water handy to place on my neck. This trick won’t relieve night sweats, hot flashes, etc, just a little dumb coping mechanism to help me get back to sleep. Maybe you experience them differently, but my internal nuclear reactor always seemed to start in my neck/chest region and spread out from there. Anyhoo…hope this helps a little bit.


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