Sewing Patterns and Fabric Choices for Spring Edgy Wardrobe

I did something today I have literally never done. I went through my stash and could not remember where some of this fabric came from. And then I found some fabric I forgot I had.

It’s a good news, bad news story. On the good side, I have lots of cool fabrics for the Spring Sew Edgy projects. On the bad side, I worry that the stash is getting out of control.

I guess I will need to sew some up! Here’s the plan:

spring edgy wardrobe 2019

(For more on this Magic Quadrant for Sewing Projects, see this.)

Yeah I have 10 projects on here. I will probably get five done. I picked out these fabrics for these projects:

Four white shirtings. Why?


I found four white shirtings in my stash. I forgot about the one at the top – a bamboo poplin. I also have two kinds of pique and a striped lawn. I have earmarked a pique for Butterick 5526. The stripe is destined for the Vogue 9246 top.

I found this in the stash – a silk georgette in a suitably edgy print. I need something flowy for it, but not feminine, or the edge will be all soft and rounded and flowery. Ugh.

I got the Sewaholic Alma blouse pattern as a gift from for volunteering to run a contest last year. I think I could edge it up in this silk georgette, using the neckline from View A with a metallic element. And no puffy sleeves or bows, natch. This will be the most difficult of the tops – never worked with silk georgette before. I will need to psych myself up for it.

For the plan’s two dresses, I had two great knit options in geometric gray prints.

The Mirri dress from Wardrobe by Me seems pretty simple, so I have picked out this rayon jersey for it. It’s going to be a close call with the fabric, though, as it’s only 54 inches wide. I will need to estimate to be sure I have enough.

This batwing dress McCall’s 7465 isn’t a shy retiring kind of dress (unlike that bitch Mirri). It’s making a statement, and needs a fabric to match. I worry this might be a bit too much. But sometimes too much is not enough, right? Besides, for some reason I can’t fathom, I bought four yards of this crazy print. So I literally have nothing to lose.

For suiting, I have some gorgeous Armani wool I got on a crazy sale at Mood Fabrics. It came in two odd cuts – almost 2 yards and a little more than 1 yard. I could squeeze a suit of out it. I think. If I dare:

I have decided to try the Vogue jacket. If I have fabric left, I’ll try the  skirt. The panels would work with a contrasting fabric if I run short.

I decided I would sew these before buying fabric for the other projects. That probably means that I won’t get to the other projects. But maybe I will. We’ll see!

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

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