What Do I Do with This Crazy-ass Fabric?

I picked out this cute red and white French terry to make a casual spring sweater. It was on sale online from Fashion Fabric Club for $4.40 a yard. 100% cotton, 50 inches wide. I grabbed two yards. Here’s what it looks like on the website.

Fashion Fabric Club sweater knit

It’s since been discontinued. I wonder why…

I earmarked another version of New Look 6330 for it. I had a plan to put the neckband on the bias to make the sweater kinda sporty. Little did I know that the fabric itself was on the bias, kinda. When I laid it out to cut, it looked like this:

Something’s off here

I thought, “Do I need to straighten the grain? On a knit?” I fussed with it a while and concluded it wasn’t me – it was the fabric. I laid it out with the stripes parallel to the cutting mat and got this:


The true bias line is marked on the mat at the 11-inch mark.

Here’s a close-up of the knit – right and wrong sides – so you can see that the stripes are woven somewhat on the diagonal.


So, I have a problem. If I lay out the sweater on grain, it’s going to have somewhat diagonal stripes. They will go one way on the front, one way on the back, and the stripes will wrap around the sleeves in a potentially weird way.

If I ignore the grain and lay it out with the stripes parallel, won’t the sweater sag and stretch strangely?

Then I thought maybe I would make a cardigan instead, but matching those stripes looks to be the devil’s work, and I would end up with a chevron effect in the front and back. I played around with the Jalie Drop-Pocket Cardigan (not enough fabric), the Muse Jenna Cardigan (the waistband would look very odd).

Bah! I messed around for a while with various options and finally draped the fabric on Ruby for the night to see if inspiration strikes tomorrow.

I need some inspiration, Ruby!

What would do you with this crazy-ass fabric?

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

2 thoughts on “What Do I Do with This Crazy-ass Fabric?”

  1. I think you’re right not to cut it off grain. My first thought was that one of the Drape Drape patterns might work. There’s a couple of asymmetric tops in the first book I think. Burda has a few similar ones too. Can’t look up the pattern numbers right now because the network I’m on blocks the Burda site – so weird.


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