Reviewing Resolutions, and Making New Ones

I made eight sewing resolutions last January, and managed to meet five of them. So that’s a D in making resolutions a reality. But hey, who’s keeping score?

I was proud to have accomplished these:

  1. I participated in fewer sewalongs and contests. This year I entered two contests on and managed to win second-place in one for my blanket-into-coat upcycle.

I also did a mini wardrobe contest, but that was only because it lined up perfectly with my autumn sewing plans to create an edgier wardrobe.

I also entered one of the four Independent Pattern Month contests with The Monthly Stitch. I didn’t win anything. This hurt my pride, since I think there were 14 entries for 9 prizes. This bag’s not the best, but I like it and have used it daily since I made it.

For sewalongs, I participated in the People’s Sewing Army, making small Christmas gifts for homeless children in Oregon.

I like the camaraderie of the sewalongs and contests, but I am glad I busted out of my former pattern of making stuff for the challenge alone. And, I am managing the current Handbag Contest on, which is also fun and doesn’t require me to make anything.

2. I went on a sewing retreat. I attended the Weekend event in Stratford, Ontario. It was fun and I made some new friends. But, I prefer something more hands-on for 2019.

3. I tried charity shops and hit the jackpot. I scored some really great fabrics at my area thrift store, including the fabric for the skirt for Vogue 1312, and some vintage trims and buttons. I also bought items to upcycle for the 2018 Pussyhat sewing. While there was not a great selection at my area stores, there was enough to encourage me to return.

4. I sewed something for my mom. I just got this one under the wire, this Swoon handbag.


My mom gave me a bunch of sewing supplies for Christmas last year, and I wanted to make her something in appreciation. But she was weird about it – she wouldn’t let me measure her to fit anything. So I went with something that doesn’t require any fitting.

5. I claim a partial victory in my resolution to top making so many damn mistakes. It takes me a while to sew anything because I make a ridiculous number of mistakes – sewing pieces wrong-sides-together, accidentally pleating or tucking, slicing off chunks of fabric with the serger. Stuff like that.

I can’t say I made no mistakes in 2018, but I made fewer mistakes. One bad cutting error really messed up my plan for the Muse Cardigan, but I salvaged it. Other than that, other errors were minor. I reduced errors by clearly marking right and wrong sides unless it was obvious, and by basting anything iffy. Plus, I got a little more comfortable with a bit of hand sewing when I faced anything daunting with the machine.

I have not yet achieved these:

Must make jeans. I needed new jeans. I hemmed and hawed over fabrics and patterns. And then I bought two pairs of jeans at the mall. And you know what? I don’t feel bad about it. Jeans are a lot of work, and fitting issues are daunting.

I finally found a good pair of pants I can hack – and my winter 2019 sewing plans include a pair in denim with lots of top-stitching, flat-felled seams and other jeans-like details. Also, I won a jeans-making kit from NeedleSharp, which includes some prized Cone Mills denim and the famed Ginger Jeans pattern from Closet Case Files. So now I really have no excuses.

The embroidery unit is still in the box. My husband bought me a Bernina 580 for my birthday two years ago. It came with an embroidery unit, which I didn’t really want.  I WILL use this unit in 2019, even if it’s just to embroider a fancy design on the pocket of the jeans I will make. (See what I did there? I tied these resolutions together!)

I failed to do Me Made May every day. I was off  to a good start, but then I got sick and said the hell with it. I was proud to have managed two weeks anyway, and I shared my story of Me-Made officewear with The Sewcialists blog.

The lack of pants and jeans were problems, and now I have a solution. So now I have three resolutions tied to the whole pants-jeans sitch. I guess I’d better get sewing…

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

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