Stupid Mistakes

I spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to lay out patterns for the centerpiece inspiration fabric for my “edgy” work wardrobe. And then I thought about it so much I screwed it up.

‘This is the fabric, a border print rayon sweater knit I bought at Marina’s Fabrics in Hamilton, Ont. during the PatternReview Weekend shopping trip.


I like the bold geometric element over the staid charcoal and grey houndstooth design. I had envisioned this as a lined skirt based on Simplicity 8058, but I couldn’t get the layout to work. The repeat of the cobalt blue motif didn’t allow for good pattern matching, especially since I really wanted a skirt with a zipper, not an elastic waist.

So I downshifted into a knit jacket or cardigan plan, and chose the Muse Jenna Cardi that I bought last fall and never sewed up. I taped together the .pdf pattern and spent – no joke – an hour laying out the pattern pieces in various scenarios.

Layout of the Muse Jenna cardigan with my border print knit

I had enough fabric for either a short-sleeved hip-length cardigan where I’d have to piece the bottom band, or a longer-sleeved waist-length where I didn’t need to piece the band. I fussed and fussed and decided to do the waist-length with 3/4-length sleeves because it would fit better with the rest of this wardrobe’s high-waisted skirts and pants, and short sleeves would be a bit too precious for me.

Then I cut the pattern out. I had assembled the hip-length .pdf pieces and folded up to the shorter hemline, figuring if I wanted to make a longer one later, I’d have the pieces all ready. I cut. Then I cried.


That’s right – I folded up the hem for the back but not for the fronts. Another C- in home ed moment. The whole damn thing was now mismatched, with too little fabric left to recut. After a proper round of cursing, I decided to adapt. I cut the fronts out of the plain houndstooth fabric and squeezed in 3/4 length sleeves.

There was not enough fabric to do the very wide hem band. I had planned to cut the button band, cuffs and neck band from faux leather, but I didn’t have enough to also do the hem bands, so instead I cut all these pieces from black ponte. The cobalt only shows on the back. Here’s the cardi in progress. Does this look weird?


Anyway, it’s done. I am going to “edge” it up with some special buttons, or maybe a silver zipper.

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

15 thoughts on “Stupid Mistakes”

  1. Oh I feel the pain – through my own experience. Just spent months staring at a small piece of liberty silk chiffon-y stuff, real paralysis by analysis. Told myself off, cut in without checking neck line and … ugh! I’m hoping I can do half as good a design change as you’ve managed. Looks great even if it’s not your original design “choice”.


  2. Oh no no no how frustrating 😦 I think you saved it though, it looks fine with the plain fronts to me. And definitely get some shiny hardware.

    You are not the only one who spends hours shuffling pattern pieces about on fabric.


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