Dress of Disappointment

To continue my Summer Suck-a-Thon, I finally finished sewing McCall’s 7350. The dress doesn’t totally suck, but it’s a disappointment.

McCall’s 7350. Meh.

I was attracted to this dress because it reminded me of an Ann Taylor dress I had years ago. The cap kimono sleeve, V-neck, midriff band and full skirt ticks my boxes.

But damn this dress is BULKY. You can’t tell from the pictures, but it’s a faux wrap with a giant back piece that’s cut on the fold and gathered to probably half its size. The midriff detail is double-layered. And the wrap-around bodice also adds bulk to the party in front. AND there is supposed to be elastic in there too! That’s a lot of fabric to tote around – 2.5 yards of 60-inch wide stretch cotton jersey with a “dry” matte finish.

A close-up of center-front reveals some wonkiness where all the layers came together, like a bunch of grumpy people stranded at a bus station. I later unpicked this and sewed it into submission by hand.

Let’s get all the seams to meet at center front!

Here’s a back view with all the gathering on display. It’s almost like a bustle back there! It’s a fabric hog because of the amount of gathering. You may need to make a center-back seam if if you don’t have 60″ wide fabric. Or, you could just make the back piece smaller to eliminate the bulky gathers. I won’t tell. Honest.

If you like a lot of fabric on your ass, this is the dress for you!

I sewed the bodice back in June. I was disappointed with it, so I tinkered and set it aside, then tinkered some more. Finally I decided to just get it over with. The dress is passable, but not destined to be a favorite.

Here’s all the changes I made to the pattern:

  • I cut a size smaller in the bodice than the measurements indicated because several reviewers noted that the bodice had way too much ease. They were right. Even a sizer smaller, the bodice was big. I tapered the side bodice seams 1 cm each side, tapering to nothing at the armscye to eliminate some of the ease.
  • Several reviewers also noted that the armscye was rather low, so I raised it an inch. I’m happy with how this came out.
  • I hemmed the sleeves 1 cm shorter than called for because as-is, they stuck out a bit like feeble wings.
  • I lengthened the bodice an inch – a standard McCall’s adjustment for me. However, because the dress is so bulky and heavy, the fabric drags down a bit. The original bodice length probably would have been fine.
  • I took in the midriff 1 cm each side so it would fit more snugly and eliminated  elastic that was supposed to be in there. Seemed unnecessary, and I could not handle any more things happening at that midriff area.
  • I added 3 inches to the hem, so that the skirt would fall just below the knee. As-is, I think the pattern would be a bit shorter than the pictures indicate.

I am going to wear this to work this week and see how I like it. Maybe it will be a good “laundry day” garment?


Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

7 thoughts on “Dress of Disappointment”

  1. I understand your frustration, and oh! all those layers. But the final dress looks great on you. I hope you can forget the irks and enjoy it. Who doesn’t need a black dress in their wardrobe. 🙂


  2. As we age, bulk is our enemy! Lord knows we gather enough padding just standing still and need really flattering lines, not one we have to fiddle with and fiddle with to make pleats lie flat…life is too short! But as Debbie says, a black dress is handy!


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