Me Made May Circa 2010

“Hey Soul Sister” was on the radio and my husband couldn’t put down his new iPad. It was 2010 and I made this shirt:

Mystery pattern top from 2010 and Simplicity 3688 pants.

This week’s highlight from Me Made May is the oldest me-made garment I still have. While this shirt is old, it’s still in pretty good shape – at least if you don’t look too closely.

I can’t remember what the pattern was. I think it was one of those “quick and easy” ones Joann has in racks near the pattern cabinets: See & Sew? New Look? Kwik Sew? Even If You’re an Idiot, You Can Sew This? Anyway, it’s your basic knit T-shirt with a handkerchief hem, made with godets and a Y-shaped side seam. It was an impulse purchase. I was in Joann shopping for Halloween costume patterns and fabric for my niece and nephew. I saw this pattern on the rack and thought, “Why not also make a top?”

I was heavier at the time than I am now, so this design appealed to me for its “lump hiding” ability. When I lost the weight, I ditched the pattern but kept the shirt for old time’s sake. I am tempted to make another doing a rub-off – how hard could that be?

I’m wearing this with black jeans made from Simplicity 3688 – high-waisted pants with a 1940s vibe.

Also in Me-Made fashion this week were these looks for the office:


I get a lot of “looks” when I wear the Oki Style “Joker” shirt, pictured here with RTW skinny pants. It’s a lot of look, but I like it. I had to go more business formal one day last week, so I put on my trusty eggplant-colored Cordova jacket from Sewaholic Patterns and my boring-but-serviceable McCall’s 6901 trousers (RTW shirt).

These are some casual looks – toiling in the garden in a faded and stretched-out McCall’s 7247 long-sleeved T-shirt, and walking the dog in my fleecy half-zip Kwik Sew 3452.


Plus, here are a couple of weekend outfits. The red bomber jacket from Simplicity 8174 was just the thing to spice up a look for an otherwise boring trip to the hair salon and the grocery store on Saturday – worn with the Simplicity 3688 pants again. The sweater and top combo was going to be my Mother’s Day outfit: the Jalie drop-pocket cardigan and a blouse from the Italian sewing magazine La Mia Boutique, worn with RTW jeans. Really need to make jeans!


Unfortunately, I was dealing with allergy-induced headaches and fatigue all weekend, so we cancelled Mother’s Day and I didn’t get out much. When you dress up to go grocery shopping, you really have to question your life.

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

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