New Year, Clean House

I spent much of New Year’s Day cleaning and decluttering my house. Such a chore! I put off doing routine things for months and guess what? They only get worse.

Since I’ve had a lot of success with simply asking for what I want, I figured I’d try it with my husband when it comes to cleaning and keeping the house clutter-free. My husband hates getting rid of his possessions. He has literally 100 socks as a result. My requests:

  • Please go through your closet and throw things away, recycle them or put them in a bag for donation.
  • Please put junk mail, catalogs and the like straight into the recycling bin. No “keeping to go through later” and no piling them up on the desk, the dining room table or the buffet.
  • Please shred documents that need to be shredded as soon as you decide to get rid of them. (Don’t pile them up on the shredder.)

I went through my closet and packed a big bag for donation, threw out a few things beyond hope, and selected a few things for sale on eBay. I rejected the idea of selling on consignment again – I didn’t get enough money from it to make it worthwhile. I should get at least $40 apiece for the items I’m selling on eBay.

I also organized documents for taxes, packed up our 2017 records into a box in the attic and sorted other papers that we need to keep.

If you struggle to focus and complete cleaning and decluttering tasks, here’s a method that helps me: I “time box” a task. Say, I give myself 1 hour to go through all my clothes and pull out things I don’t want anymore and decide what to do with them (donate, toss or sell). Or, I give myself 30 minutes to iron as many clothes as I can. I stick to that schedule and do 2-4 tasks, depending on the time they take. I give myself a half-hour break every two hours to have something to eat, return emails, relax with a magazine etc. I repeat until I get done what I need to do.

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

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