Me Made in Costa Rica

We took a last-minute trip to Costa Rica last week and got very into the tropical spirit right away, with a few more wears of my summer me-made wardrobe:

I also wore my Simplicity 1116 swimsuit, a tunic from “Happy Homemade Sew Chic” and some other stuff – too busy having fun to take a lot of pictures.

Costa Rica is such a beautiful and lucky country. I am interested to learn more about its history. In brief, its leaders in the 1950s, after a brief civil war, did not take the route of many Central American countries but rather invested in education, preservation of natural resources, and true democracy. Here are some fascinating facts:

  • It has no army and lives peaceably between Nicaragua and Panama.
  • Its energy comes almost 100% from renewable resources (geothermal, solar and wind) and its on track to be a carbon-neutral country in another 5 years.
  • It’s the most educated country in Latin America, with a 97% + literacy rate.
  • Environmentalism is a big deal. Plastic shopping bags are illegal, recycling stations are everywhere and there is almost no litter on the roadsides. Even a simple roadside shack selling rice and beans to farmworkers serves food on real plates and silverware, not plastic and paper.
  • About 25% of its land is protected from development.
  • It’s home to 500+ species of birds, plus fascinating animals such as monkeys, sloths, jaguars, ocelots, poison frogs, turtles and so many more.
  • The president is elected for one 4-year term (unlike its neighbor to the north, which has had the same president almost continuously since the 1980s) and voter turnout of very high.

I seriously had a moment of “I could live here” feeling.

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

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