Next Project in the Fall/Winter Sewing Wardrobe Plan

I am really pleased with how my Magic Quadrant for Sewing Projects has helped me prioritize my time and money. Two “need” projects down from the “low cost” side of the quadrant:  a sweatshirt (easy) and a hard-ish button-up blouse. Now I feel I can indulge in an expensive, time-consuming “want” project (upper right of the grid):

sewing plan 3

Casual winter coat, or blazer for work? I flipped a coin and got the coat. Yikes!

Actually, I am excited to sink my teeth into a complex, challenging project after a few simpler ones. This will require some planning, however, and some cash. I have bupkes in my stash – no pattern, no fabric, no special zippers or trims.

My general idea is for a casual winter coat that I can wear cross-country skiing, to walk the dog, shovel snow, and just wear around in bad weather. It needs to be lined and insulated for warmth – it can get as cold as zero Fahrenheit around here – with a water-shedding outer shell. It needs some good pockets for phone, keys, etc. I don’t like hoods, so I want a hoodless option. And I want a bright color, maybe a vibrant cranberry red, because why the heck not?

I need to decide on a pattern first. Green Pepper Patterns is a sentimental favorite of mine. When I was in high school (a looooooong time ago) I made a hiking anorak from a Green Pepper Pattern. I really wrestled with the rip-stop-nylon I bought. It had holes all around the seams from my mistakes, but I was the only one who noticed (probably). The company is still in business and sells at Joann as well as my mail or online order. I made a winter hat last year from an old Green Pepper Pattern, and it turned out great. Worth investigating.

Jalie is another pattern company worth a look – highly regarded for activewear, but new to me. And  I saw a ski jacket in a blog that someone made from a Burda pattern last year – I need to find that and see if it might work for me.

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

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