Consigning the Past

Skirts a size too small. Blouses from a vacation shopping spree that made sense on vacation, but not in my real life. A belt that goes with nothing I own. A dress from a brief attempt to dress more “edgy.” A yellow trenchcoat I am sick of looking at. A handbag from eBay that looked great on a screen but was not so great in person. Really expensive jeans I did not want to part with, even though they do not fit anymore.

That’s part of the haul I brought to a favorite consignment shop today, in hopes of getting some of the money back that I have wasted, and to pass along things that are in good shape that I don’t want anymore. Altogether, I brought 20 items to consign, which is the limit the shop will consider from each consigner for each season.

IMG_20170602_103746 (2)

I am proud to say (although it’s a dubious distinction) hat only one item still had the tag on it – a drape-neck tank top I got on vacation last summer. I thought I could wear it to work, but it didn’t go with my work-wear. I thought I’d wear it on weekends, but it hung in the closet all summer. So out it goes.

The jeans pain me the most – three pairs of Hudson jeans, which are very expensive. I bought them after I lost 60 pounds several years ago. I treated myself to designer jeans and all kinds of other things I always wanted but never wore. I have gained about 15 pounds back and the jeans don’t fit. I am tired of telling myself I will lose that 15 pounds and get back into them. Today I told myself to stop playing games. If I do lose the weight, I will buy new jeans.

I am astonished that I remember the origins of all these garments:

  • A pink princess-seam button-up blouse from Chico’s. My mom loves Chicos, so I take her when she visits. I bought this blouse because it was on sale and seemed like a staple, but I just never liked it.
  • A sleeveless dress in lightweight denim, with a snakeskin print panel, that Stitch Fix sent me two years ago. I am soooo not this person, try as I might.
  • Other Stitch Fix items that I don’t want anymore: a green polyester blouse with a bird motif (cute but cheap, wore it a lot and tired of it), a blue and white ikat print tank top (awkward and cheap, wore a couple of times), a multicolored tank top (liked this a lot, but tired of it now).
  • Two skirts from the Boden catalog that I bought for a business trip to the UK four years ago. I wanted to have a bit of British in my look for the trip. The skirts are good quality and I wore them a lot, but I am tired of them.
  • White jeans. I am too young to do the “white pants in summer” look – revisit when I am 60.
  • Two Splendid T-shirts that look nice but wrinkle very easily, making them too high-maintenance to bother with.
  • An adorable Splendid button-up shirt in a zebra print. Too tight in the arms.
  • A black pencil skirt in summerweight boucle that I got at Nordstrom a few years ago. I wish this fit.
  • A Theory blazer that always was a little short and stuck out in the back.
  • A Calvin Klein tank top that I bought two years ago when I started my current job. Wore it quite a bit and sick of it.

The moral of this story is that I should only buy things that I love. About a third of the items I’m consigning are things I never liked that much or didn’t really have a use for. That’s bad – a waste of money and a waste of time for me.

Another moral is to buy quality items. The things I am getting rid of because I am sick of them are still in very good condition because of the quality – linings, good fabrics and other details that have held up.

The final moral is to keep one size of clothing in the closet. Things that don’t fit are not worth the bother. They depress me when I see them hanging there, rebuking me when their smaller sizes.

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

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