Me-Made Lingerie

Yesterday’s Me-Made item was the Florence bralette from Colette’s Seamwork magazine. Most of the Seamwork and Colette patterns have been a bust for me … ba-da-dah! Pun intended … but the Florence bralette iIMG_20160820_152036400s a fave. Here’s a photo of it on my dressform. (The Internet does not need to see a photo of me in a bra.) You make it out of very wide stretch lace and stretch satin or some other stretchy material for the contrast. You get something that looks very time-consuming for maybe 2 hours of work. I used picot lingerie elastic and sewed on a tassel, just because.

I wear this to Pilates since it doesn’t constrict breathing and gives just enough support. It’s a pattern for those small-chested among us, truth be told. I am a B+ or a C-, depending on whether I am having “a cup is half-full or half-empty” kind of day … ba-da-dah! The puns keep coming! … but it probably won’t suit anyone much more well-endowed.

Author: shoes15

I live in Connecticut, USA with my husband and my dog, in an old house outfitted with a sewing room, a garden, an orchard, and a big liquor cabinet.

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